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Budget Wedding Invitation Idea

When I spotted this wedding invitation video I was hugely impressed. It’s such a great idea, and a fantastic way to save money on the wedding invites. We reached out to the couple for an exclusive interview. Watch the video and then read their tips on how to make your own wedding invitation video. Or if shooting a video doesn’t sound like your thing, read our tips for sending electronic wedding invites instead.

Q: First of all, what a great idea. How much did you save?

A: The cost to make the video was about $20.00 (£15), so it was really inexpensive. We went to our local dollar store and bought a pile of paperboard signs and a few packs of black markers (we ended up going through about 10 of them).

Q: Super cheap then. How difficult was it to shoot the video?

A: As far as producing the video goes, bring more people than you think you will need. We had five people in total (myself, my fiancee, a person working with the camera, and two people handing us signs). One or two more people would have been really helpful.

Make sure you have plenty of time to practice and shoot. We decided to throw all this together in one afternoon, and we pulled it off, but it wasn’t as easy as it could have been. We got a late start in the afternoon and began to feel hurried as the sun was descending and daylight faded. It took us almost two hours in the park to get this video right (many different takes when someone messed up, figuring out where to stand, people passing us signs making mistakes, errors in sequencing, etc). It would have been tremendously helpful to have more time to practice.

Q: What about post-production and editing?

A: We had the friend behind the (borrowed) camera edit the video and add music for us. Most people have at least one ultra-tech-savvy friend nowadays, and when they find out you’re getting married, they should be eager to help. He did it for free.

Q: If you can’t pull in favours from your mates for your wedding, when can you? Any final tips?

A: Final tip, we did pair this video with our online wedding invitations through, which were also free. Punchbowl has an incredible party planning/invitation tool that allowed us to share all of the additional details of our wedding that we weren’t able to put into the video. Their free services are more than enough to comprehensively invite and plan your guest list. is on twitter and Pinterest. If you really enjoyed reading this article, then do us a favour and share the link with your friends, and please get in touch if you have any budget ideas of your own to share with us. Thanks :)

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