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A gallery of DIY wedding ring photo ideas

You don’t need to hire an expensive wedding photographer – do it yourself on a budget by taking inspiration from photos you like. I’ve put together a wedding gallery, with notes on how to recreate these pictures on a budget yourself. Doing the photography for your wedding album yourself makes for a fun day as a couple, and adds your own personality to the end result. Of course a great photographer will capture your own personalities as well, but great wedding photographers don’t come cheap.

To recreate these photos, you’ll need a digital camera (ideally not a phone camera) and either: a friend to take the shots, or a self timer and a tripod. Now it doesn’t have to be an expensive tripod, you can get really cheap little ones from poundland which will work fine for most of these shots. You just screw the camera into the tripod, one of you poses and the other sets up the shot, set the self timer and get yourself into position. It should be simple to get great results with these instructions for doing your own wedding photography.

Holding hands, with engagement ring. By flickr user coreyannHolding Hands with the rings

I really like this shot – it’s casual and subtle but still shows off your wedding rings. Holding hands is a sign of affection in most countries so it has a clear ‘love’ theme, though I’m told that in China everyone holds hands, even casual acquaintances. You can recreate this photo pretty easily with a cheap tripod. Try setting macro mode and focusing on the ring to recreate the slightly dreamy effect of this photo. If you want to print out this image and take it with you you can recreate it exactly, or just use it as wedding photo inspiration for your own take on the idea.

Wedding ring photo. By flickr user philhearingWedding rings on the table

While you’re at a table, you can take a few snaps like this. Again macro mode will help. Note the composition – the rings are offset from the center, and the grain of the wood forms diagonal lines which really help balance the image – it would look skewed if the lines were too steep, and odd if they were horizontal or vertical. Again the photographer has used focus to draw attention to the rings. This is the bride’s engagement ring resting on top of the groom’s wedding ring, and makes a lovely metaphor for their co-dependance and unity. Here’s another photo on a similar theme – wedding rings laying on a book. In this case the photographer has used a book with the word ‘devotion’ clearly visible, which adds a nice touch (raid your dictionary for a suitable word).

Wedding Ring Heart. By flickr user MorrowLessWedding Ring Heart Photo

This wedding ring photo looks lovely and it’s sooo simple to do too! You want a fairly flat book – the deeper the curl of the pages the more elongated the heart will look, a nice shallow curl will give you a well proportioned heart. The photographer has used a mini maglite torch to get the golden heart glow in addition to the shadow, which is frankly a touch of genius. If you want some more inspiration on this, a quick search on flickr will give you infinite variations on this theme. As to which book, if you’re opting for a religious ceremony then the Bible is always a good choice (Genesis 2:18-24 is a popular choice of verse), otherwise a plain notepad is another good option. If printed, make sure there’s nothing inappropriate in the text that you’ll notice later.

Holding hands with rings. By flickr user telachheEngagement photo holding hands

Another photo of the couple holding hands, but this one has a very different approach; the couple are standing, holding hands and again you get a subtle glimpse of their rings. This photograph is going to be a bit harder to reproduce exactly, but you can use it to inspire your own wedding photos. Again note the composition – the rings are off center and you get a good chunk of the background to give context and space. Too close-up would risk feeling claustrophobic. This has a lovely balance, it’s moody and emotional – in a good way! Experiment with colour to see if a black and white or full colour image looks best. And don’t be afraid to ask your friends what they think of your wedding photography skills. You may even find you have a talent for it.

"Roses and Rings" by sxc user theswedishClassic “Roses and Rings” wedding photo

This is such a classic shot, but it’s difficult to get right – it’s worth taking time over this because it does make a lovely image if you get it right. This photographer has made great use of space to give depth; so many people take this photo really close up and you get no context. By including a little bit of the background you improve the photo loads. The hands aren’t smothering the bouquet either which is another common mistake. Also important is the way their arms sit – the wrists are bent which gives a natural, casual feel to the pose. The colours work really well together too, the reds and skin tones complementing each other nicely. is on twitter and Pinterest. If you really enjoyed reading this article, then do us a favour and share the link with your friends, and please get in touch if you have any budget ideas of your own to share with us. Thanks :)

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  1. Love this article! Thanks for the share!

    Posted by Sweetgirl | March 20, 2012, 3:10 am
  2. Great post – nice photos!

    Posted by Dane Banj | April 27, 2012, 5:22 am
  3. Loved the “Wedding Ring Heart Photo” the one made on the book. Thanks for sharing these ideas :)

    Posted by Loretta Dabs | October 2, 2015, 8:58 pm

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