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hawaii-wedding-venues-for-any-budget26sheraton-kauaiThings You Should Know Before Going To Hawaii

So you have decided on a destination wedding in Hawaii.

You have set up your Plumfund account and are looking at all the different venues available for a great wedding, honeymoon, and reception.

There are some things that you may not know about going to Hawaii that might help you in making other choices about your trip.

First, there are many wonderful tours available that will give you an in-depth view of the islands and make the most of your money and time.

The Islands

You probably already know, there are 6 main islands. What you may not know is ever one of the islands are very different. The age of the islands has a lot to do with that. The older the island, the more sand and beach. The rocky surfaces wear and lose their harsh edges. Lush plant growth covers the surface.

Active and dormant volcanoes change the landscape dramatically. In some places, you are literally walking on old lava stone with hot lava running just a few feet away. There are bamboo forest, hidden waterfalls, mountain trails, and mountains so high that you feel you can touch the stars. Every island has its own landscape and uniqueness.

Some of the islands have a very urban feel, others feel rural (no skyscrapers or highways), still others are tourist driven and are thick with huge hotels, shops, restaurants, and all the modern things we expect in a quality city.


No one ever mentions rain and Hawaii at the same time. But the fact is, it rains a lot in Hawaii. Another fact is, it affects almost nothing. The sunny skies always seem to reappear in the morning and a few showers throughout the day do not even cause pause. Take clothes that dry easily and are wrinkle resistant and you will be fine. If you see a little rain, shrug it off.

Best months for fewer crowds and lower costs

Of course, summer months, holidays, and deep winter are the months most of us pack up for the islands. But, did you know, there are off-peak months that are just as great for your trip? Traveling during these off-peak times it is easier to get the facilities and times you want. Best of all, you can do everything you want to do cheaper than you think.

The “off-seasonal” months are:

  • Late-April

    • This varies depending upon when Easter falls in the year)

  • May (entire month)

  • September (entire month)

  • October (entire month)

  • November (entire month)

  • December (early in the month – ending before the holidays)

You can’t so it all – make choices

Unless you have a lot of time to stay in Hawaii, it is impossible to see every island and everything on every island.

Seeing Hawaii is very much like visiting six countries. You can skim the surface, but to really get into the area, you need to spend some time there.

The time to do the research is before you go. Decide what you really want to see and do and create an agenda although it wouldn’t be hard to stay connected while you are there as well..

Create a guide to the things you want to do this trip and create plans for future trips.

With planning and knowing the right times to travel, you can afford to go more than once.

Here is to having the best destination wedding and most exciting honeymoon ever! is on twitter and Pinterest. If you really enjoyed reading this article, then do us a favour and share the link with your friends, and please get in touch if you have any budget ideas of your own to share with us. Thanks :)

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