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8 things that need to go on your last minute wedding checklist

NotepadAs the big day arrives, brides can use all the help they could get to pull off a perfect day. After months of planning and hours spent going over every single detail for the wedding, the most stressful days are those near the big day itself.

In order to help brides-to-be steer their wedding away from disaster, here is a quick checklist of the things to check on the day before or on the wedding day.

1. Itinerary. Allow for a smooth flow from one event to the other with the use of a solid schedule. Make a schedule of everything that will happen during the day of and run over it with everyone in the family. Constantly asking the bride during the ceremony will only make her more anxious. Print out several copies of the day’s schedule, hand it out to everyone, and post it in all rooms.

2. Vendors. It may be a handful to deal with but getting confirmations from all vendors early on will help keep the bride calm. Hand in request lists for the DJ, the photographers, and even the bartender. Finalise payments and don’t forget to have them sign in for the payment, in case they deny having received payment later on.

3. Garments. The gown may be beautiful but it surely won’t go to the hotel on its own. Secure the gown and its transport from the store to the hotel or house. Inventory the bridal accessories, like tiaras, earrings, veil, etc. before and after the wedding.  Also, don’t forget to pack all other clothing for after the wedding – an overnight bag including underwear, comfy shoes, plus other necessities.

4. Assigned Tasks. This is where Bridezilla comes in. Remind the people in charge of the gifts, the marriage license, and the speeches about their tasks. It may seem like continuous reminders come out as annoying for them but then it is the bride’s day so they’ll understand. To be extra sure, keep a Plan B list of the people that could fill in for the tasks, just in case Uncle Bill gets too tipsy.

5. Wedding Items. The cake knife, toasting glasses, giveaways, and even the overnight bag – all these should be sent to the reception hall as early as possible. While organising, group all of them according to the venue for easier transport.

6. Emergency Kit. Yes, it isn’t just a wedding myth or a bridesmaid’s joke. Wedding emergency kits ideally contain aspirins, plasters, straws, snacks, tissues, smelling salts, hem tape, safety pins, toothpicks, clear nail polish, white chalk, cash, glue, camera and charger, scissors, earring backs, water, needle and thread (yes really – we had to use it for someone’s dress. Don’t ask who!) and a list of key people along with their numbers. Getting the limo or taxi driver’s number is handy especially for sudden plan changes and when there are items left inside the car.

7. Gifts and Tips. Double-check the bridal party’s gifts, these little tokens of appreciation are best given during the morning of the wedding. Let the bridesmaids feel special on the bride’s own day, too. In small envelopes, seal in tips and label them for the waiters, the venue manager, or the limo driver. No need to dig for smaller bills inside the huge overnight bag or to run outside and get cash from the ATM.

8. Groom. After dealing with all the people and the details, don’t forget that it still is about love. Prepare a handwritten note for the groom to read before going to the church. Express the shared excitement and nervousness through a simple card or a lavish gift. Also, don’t leave out the personal vows. Allot enough time to write and go through the wedding speech – it becomes more and more meaningful as the big day moves closer and closer.

Another great tip: When packing or organizing items the day before the wedding, think of the wedding day as a normal road trip. Make a checklist of all the things you need to last you through the day and bring whatever is needed to make you feel comfortable throughout the trip. Charge your mobile phone, bring your driving license, prepare for bad weather, bring the house keys, and all the things you’d normally pack.

The wedding day is meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Even if you plan the day for an entire year, not everything will go according to plan. But what matters most is the sacred unity of marriage and the grand celebration of your love. So, brace yourself for a roller coaster ride and cherish every single slide and turn!

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