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Make your own wedding invitations

In this post we take expensive wedding invitations and give you ideas on how to have them handmade for a fraction of the cost, using basic craft supplies and a few sneaky tips. The invites may seem like a small portion of your total wedding cost estimate, but when we show you how to save £500 on them it’s not to be sniffed at.

We’ve featured great ways to save money on the invitations by shooting a wedding invite video, or sending electronic wedding invites, but many couples feel that sending an invitation in the post gives their wedding a more personal touch. It will give your guests a pleasant surprise in their letterbox, and if done right your invites can really set the tone for the wedding. Your wedding invites can also be kept by your guests as a memento of the big day.

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Elegant Wedding InvitationsThis style of wedding invitation is very stylish and looks really professional, but the truth is that it’s very simple to achieve at home for a fraction of the cost. You’ll be shocked when you see how much we can save.

You’ll need a pocketfold invitation as a base, some coloured card from your local stationery shop, ribbon and some self-adhesive crystals to finish it off – you don’t have to use Swarovski, no-one will know ;)

These invitations will set you back £4.25 each from the supplier, but we’ve managed to recreate these pocketfold invitation cards using some craft shop supplies. What’s more, assuming 140 guests, we’ve slashed the cost to just 68 pence each by researching the do-it-yourself way.
Here’s how we did it:

  • Pocketfold invitations: £0.59 each at
  • Self-adhesive crystals: £2.09 for 144 at StarBlaze.
  • Organza ribbon: £4.29 for 25 meters at Hobby Craft.
  • Pink card backing paper £4.79 for 20 A4 sheets at Hobby Craft.
  • Printing 20p per sheet at your local cybercafe. You can fit at least 10 names per sheet, so that’s £2.80.

Using these prices, that’s a total cost of just £96.57 for the materials to produce 140 invites – as opposed to £595 for 140 from the supplier! That means you’ll save nearly £500. That could pay for your wedding dress!

DIY Silhouette Wedding Invitations

Silhouette Wedding InviteThese wedding invites offer a simple, stylish way to ask your guests to join you for the big day. They’re subtle, classy and look really nicely done.

If you buy them in from America, they’ll cost $378 for 150. That’s around £240 in UK pounds, working out as £1.60 per invite (plus shipping from the USA to you).

But let’s think about what you’re actually getting for that price – all you get included is an envelope and a printed piece of card, the ‘accessories’ pictured are optional extras. Who ever heard of optional extras for your invites!?

We know the pocketfold envelopes only cost 59p each so where does the other pound come from?

All you need to do to make your own silhouette wedding invitation is to design the card itself and stuff it into the envelope.  For the silhouettes, you can ask a photoshop-savvy friend to produce a silhouette from some digital photos of yourselves, or give it a try yourself, it’s actually really simple – here’s a tutorial. You can even just use some random silhouettes from Google images – no-one’s going to be holding the invitation against your face to check it’s really you!

Now it’s just a case of laying out the wedding invitation wording in MS Word (or use Open Office, it’s a free Word alternative) and then getting the cards printed. Your local print shop will surely be able to beat £1 per print? Or print them at home if your printer can do card, again Hobby Craft is a saviour in this regard – 100 A4 sheets of white card for a fiver. You might even have enough left over to buy a rounded corner cutter – or ask around; everyone knows someone who’s into making their own greetings cards who you can borrow one from. All in all, you will be able to recreate these invites a little cheaper than the price of buying them in – and that’s not factoring in shipping from the USA to you. If you go for the home-printing option it would work out at just two and a half pence per invite plus ink. Adding the fancy envelopes at 59p each means you’ll save nearly £200 if you have 200 invitations to send, compared to buying them for £1.60 each. These pennies add up don’t they! That’s how you budget – look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Ribbon Wedding invitations

Ribbon wedding invitation

This invitation has been very tastefully put together with the wording in a matching colour as the tied ribbon, which makes it feel really professional. If you’re read the previous two DIY wedding invite instructions you’ll already be thinking about how to save money on these invites. Again it’s a case of popping down to your local craft supplies store and raiding the ribbons. Tying them is as simple as doing your shoelaces; use a blob of pritt-stick to keep the bow in place.

The rounded corners on these cards do help to make it special – you can either do it carefully with scissors (it’s really not that hard), buy a corner punch from a card making supplier, or use a bit of a cheat – do it with scissors but make the corners wiggly so you don’t need to be so exact.

This photo will give you a good start on the wedding invitation wording too so if you’re stuck on how to word it this should help.

Now, this exact invitation is quite special – it’s gilt-edged, thermoprinted (whatever that means) and will cost you a whopping $710 for 150 on the cheapest option! Do you think you can beat £450 for 150? I bet you can! It won’t be gilt edged, but if that’s important then just sign it with a gold gel pen and who is going to complain? All you need to do is lay out the wording in Word, get ‘em printed on some posh card and tie the ribbons on. If you’re lucky you’ll find pre-tied ribbons for exactly this purpose at your craft shop. is on twitter and Pinterest. If you really enjoyed reading this article, then do us a favour and share the link with your friends, and please get in touch if you have any budget ideas of your own to share with us. Thanks :)

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2 Responses to “Make your own wedding invitations”

  1. I’ve invested thousands into high tech equipment so that my clients receive a quality product. Hobbycaft sell stock card which is about 200gsm, quality stationers use thicker stock, about 300 gsm and this is so that it posts well. The printing process most quality stationers use doesn’t smudge, fade or rub. I’d love to see how these invites look once they’ve been through the post! I’m all for the DIY brigade but do something original and don’t rip off copyrighted designs that professionals have spent years perfecting. The cost is there for a reason.

    Posted by Natalie | July 5, 2012, 10:05 pm
  2. I find this article quite naive. There is a reason why stationery designers charge the prices quoted above – quality of print, materials & equipment they use not to mention their labour & skill. Your pricing of the first example doesn’t even take into account the most important part of that item – the designing, printing and layering of the invitation & inserts inside, nor the sundries required to assemble them or envelopes. I have nothing against DIY invitations but please don’t encourage people to rip off another designer’s hard work and insult them further by suggesting that your 68p (misleading price) copy is in any way comparable in quality.

    Posted by Suzanne Osborne | July 6, 2012, 7:41 am

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