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This bride is 11 years old…

Top wedding blog Bridal Musings have created an incredibly powerful collaboration with UNICEF to mark International Women’s Day by raising awareness about child marriage. Here are some excerpts from their extremely moving piece. Please click through, read the whole thing, share it wide and loud, and support UNICEF in their important work promoting rights for children across the world.


Blushing bride, Lilly, is just 11 years old while her husband, John, is 35. They were wed in a beautiful ceremony filled with roses, ribbons and tears.

On the day of the wedding, John beamed proudly at his new bride, while Lilly waved goodbye to her family, her education and her childhood.

As wedding bloggers we discuss the love, joy and beauty of weddings on a daily basis but for the millions of young girls who are forced into marriage, a wedding isn’t a joyous occasion – it’s a violation of their human rights, often marking the end of their education, their dreams for the future and their childhood.

These children become wives and mothers before they’re emotionally or physically ready and without sufficient healthcare provision, complications during pregnancy are all too common, sometimes resulting in the tragic deaths of mothers and babies.

Read the full article here: is on twitter and Pinterest. If you really enjoyed reading this article, then do us a favour and share the link with your friends, and please get in touch if you have any budget ideas of your own to share with us. Thanks :)

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