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Wedding Budgeting: How to Save for your Big Day

A wedding is a special and an one in a lifetime event that can quickly become one of the most expensive events in your life, without you even noticing where you have spent all your money. However, a budget can help you save for that big day and make sure that you cover all the bases, to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams, but that you don’t spend the next so many years paying it off.

You can have everything you desire to make your wedding beautiful without spending too much when you follow a budget. Below are some basic tips and considerations to take into account when planning your big day. The hints below outline some practical ways and methods that you can save for the big day, however still have all the glitz and glamour that come with weddings.

The Wedding Essentials:
Every wedding has things that it needs to make it special. Transportation, guests, a wedding dress, invitations, flowers and food are all part of a wedding. Each of these items will need to be added to the budget. The costs for each will depend on the style of wedding you are planning. For instance, a less formal affair will be more affordable than a sit-down dinner affair, and rental cars will be more affordable instead of limos. So to being with, make sure you know what your essentials are, the things that you will not be able to negotiate on, no matter the cost.

Reduce the Guests List:
The guests list can increase or decrease the budget. It will cost more to feed 150 people than it will to feed 100 guests. In addition, a simple designed wedding invitation or post card will be cheaper to mail to the 100 guests. So make sure that all the people you are inviting are the special ones in your life, that have been with you for years, and that you just can not see your wedding day without.

Formal Wear for the Wedding Party:
The wedding attire can make or break a budget. However, you can save money by changing the fabrics used in the formal wear. For example, a wedding dress made of silk satin can be changed to a poly satin material to save you hundreds, and choose basic black tuxes for the men. Many rental places will offer the groom’s tux free if all tuxes are ordered at one place.

Beautiful Wedding Flowers:
Every wedding needs flowers to make it beautiful and unique, and little changes on flower choices can add up to big savings. For instance, swap roses with dahlias or daffodils, depending on the seas. Although roses have always said “romance”, but seasonal flowers can also have this affect, and depending on the view (eg: ranch) can bring an even more unique feature to the day.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Site:
The location for the wedding should be special for your style of wedding. You can use a public park, church, flower garden or even your home. You might not think that your home is fit for a wedding, but just imagine, there are no limits to what you can do, how creative you can be, what features you might wish to have (eg:fountain), without the added cost of extras and without having to get special licenses/approvals for certain decorations. The wedding site will determine how much you spend on decorations. A naturally beautiful location will not need as many decorations as one that is bare of beauty.

Wedding Food, Cake and Music:
You can keep your food budget simple by serving fewer courses at a dinner wedding, and you can use less expensive drinks to serve at the wedding. You can save the good champagne for the toast, and serve the less expensive version to the guests.

Sheet cakes can be made in the same flavor as the wedding cake to serve the guests. The caterer can serve the slices on individual plates decorated with a delicious flavored sauce. You can display a small wedding cake made with butter cream frosting, which is less expensive than using a fondant frosting. You will want to stay away from tiers, special molded shapes and sugary flowers. However if you dont want to compromise on the appearance of the cake, then shop around for these items and negotiate with the cake baker on using your own decorations.

To reduce the budget, hire a small band. A small band with modern equipment will sound as good as a larger band. In addition, use the same band for the ceremony and the reception. Local bands are a great option. They are generally more available and are always looking to “make their mark” at an event, your wedding might just be the deal maker for them and you.

Wedding Memories:
You will want to budget in wedding photos and filming. Filming can be done with minimal editing to reduce the costs, and you can hire a photographer for a shorter time. Or even have heaps of disposable cameras at each table, this allows you to have all those candid shots of all your guests, and certain moments in time, but also saves you money. Of course, you would only develop the pictures that you best liked.

Your wedding can become your dream wedding, but it does not have to break your budget. From the wedding memories to the honeymoon, you can choose alternatives that will save you money. However, you will still have a beautiful wedding to remember years later.

Author Biography:
Nada Ljubinovic is a content writer who enjoys to share her knowledge and development in photography. Nada’s current passion and joy is centered around all things to do with weddings. Nada’s learning continues to be inspired by Melbourne wedding photography.

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